Roto at Las Vegas SOLUTION convention

Roto introduced its waste water treatment solution with reuse of purified water for irrigation at the biggest convencion event about water in USA. Together with representative company in Nevada and California, Roto and Kreacia are installing wwtp EcoBox for private households in towns where there is no public sewage system or water is very expencive.

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Invitation to the fair IFAT 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,


Two years are around and it is our pleasure to invite you at the IFAT fair that will be held  at the Messe Munchen from 14. to 18. May 2018.


IFAT fair provides key knowledge from true experts in various fields of the water industry. So if you are interested in the water industry, trends and experinces, keen to find out about our new products and have  will for bussiness talk, we have to meet us at Hall A2, Stand 314.


We are already looking forward to seeing you again.


With kind regards

Invitation to the fair IFAT 2016

Also this year, between 30 May and 3 June, IFAT fair will be held in Munich. Fair always atracts with its varied trade fair program. This is one of the most important fairs in the field of ecology and environmental protection in this part of Europe.

With this invitation, you are kindly invited to visit us at booth number 314 in Hall A2.

Please let us know your desired dates for meeting today in an e-mail:

We are looking forward to your visit!


Fast. Effective. Unique. All these are the most important qualities that characterize a 3D print of sand models and cores. 3D technology of the manufacturing process of foundry molds and cores, simplifies the creation of unique and low serial production.

3D printer technology was discovered and used first in the automotive industry as a top technology for the production of sand molds and cores for small batch products. Its discovery has significantly shorten the time of manufacture sand molds and cors and allow production of the most complex forms of prototypes.

In these times, when the time of delivery, price and fulfilling of customer requirements, extremely important is, is the use of 3D techmology for sand molds printing of great importance in a wide variety of technologies. Its advantages are fast and efficient production of sand molds and financial savings. Unlike other technologies, is with using of 3D prnters possible to manufacture geometrically complex shapes without limitation of negative angles. This technology is suited for manufacturing of prototyps, unique products, small batch production and aluminium casts.


–   fast and efficient production of sand molds,
–    only 5-7 working days from 3D CAD file till Finished model,
–    possibility of producing geometrically complex shapes,
–    there is no limit  with negative angles,
–    easier degassing of components,
–    low concentration of binder,
–    selection of different materials,
–    suitable for production of prototyps, unique products and for small batch production,
–    the possibility of a combination of 3D print mold with classic making sand molds.

Internal coating of aluminium tanks

In the company ROTO, we put last year a lot of effort and knowledge in the conquest of the production process  according to rotomoulding, the so-called internally coating of aluminum tanks. The project itself was otherwisestarted four years ago with the introduction of our production program. Then we started serial production of the internal wall coating techniques and other fire extinguishers to dust. Last year, we have this process extended toother products, where for technical and technological requirements of the product such the coating required.

It is a special material (based on PE), which during the rotomoulding process, only be distributed throughout the interior walls of the aluminum tank, it adheres to the wall and also provides protection wall of aluminum tankagainst aggressive media (for example Ad Blue, powder fire extinguishers, …).

EIMA 2014, 10.-14.11.2014, Bologna, Italy

The largest fair in Italy of agricultural machinery and equipment, takes place in November every other year in Bologna and Roto take place on EIMA INTERNATIONAL 2014 from 12.11.2014 to 16.11.2014.
Manufacturers of agricultural machinery, tractors, harvesters and other machinery for the agricultural branch, present their innovations for the upcoming season. Some manufacturers, for example New Holland, Class, with itsmegalomaniac tractors and combine harvesters reign at the fair.

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We are building a new hall

In the last period is a growing need for assembling products with all components, because the customer wants to have the final product, so the construction of a new assembly hall was necessary.

In coming days will be assembling hall in a 1000 put into operation.
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In the spring 2014, a young man from Germany contacted us and said by the phone, that he will start producing racing motorcycles for class Moto 3 and that he is looking for suppliers of components. We did not take much credible on this call. This led to a meeting where we have costructed the tank, which also serves as the headquarters.

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Roto successfully exhibited at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf

For the second time, the company ROTO successfully presented this year at the largest trade fair / exhibition in “avtodomarski” branch in the world. 2380 exhibitors from sveh continents, innovations in the industry campers and avtoprikolic, Amazing Design features and motorhomes avtoprikolic, a paradise for campers, as they like to refer to people who enjoy this kind of spending holidays and discovering the world.

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