In the spring 2014, a young man from Germany contacted us and said by the phone, that he will start producing racing motorcycles for class Moto 3 and that he is looking for suppliers of components. We did not take much credible on this call. This led to a meeting where we have costructed the tank, which also serves as the headquarters.

After making the tools, and delivering first samples directly to the racing ring to Czech Republic. After a few days we have recived first photos of the whole motorcycle, on which Roto fuel tanks like seats are mounted.

Single product (motorcycle) has over this year’s summer racing season already been placed into the regular racing of MOTO3. First impressions of drivers and test drivers have shown that thease is superior motorcycle where he used a lot of knowlege in the field of engineering and use of materials and combinations of boath items with purpose to achieve the low weight and the consequent exceptional acceleration.

German moto magazine Das Mottorrad Magazin issue in the August the article about testing of this motorcycle. Indead, in that articla are compliments … extremely lightweight, easy to handle, incredible acceleration … Company KRÄMER MOTORCYCLES, owner of Marcus Krämer, is in this year recive a few trophies at the races. The future is very promissing for them with success.

Some basic facts of the motorcycle:

  • Capacity: 790 ccm3 (aggregate if KTM LC4)
  • Weight: 125 kg
  • Power: 85 kg
  • Torque: 90 Nm
  • ROTO Fuel tank: PE, capacity 12 l, ROTO
  • Exhaust System: Akrapovič Full Titanium
  • Price of model HRK EVO2PR: 23.990 €.

We can say … ROTO has entered into a new market segment, as a supplier of technologically highly demanding components, this time racing oriented.