High purification capacity
ROTO purifying plants operate safely and reliably, without any unpleasant smell or noise. Moreover, they are not sensitive to temperature fluctuations in the environment. Waste water from toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and similar household sources of pollution are purified to such extent that water can be safely released to surface waters, or can be used for lawn and trees watering with additional treatment. Purifying plants are constructed in accordance with standard SIST EN 12566-3 which is valid in EU (BOD 5<30 mg/L ; COD <150 mg/L). In the tank we install different waste water cleaning technologies. Low operation costs
High level of economic and energy efficiency.

Reliability and trust
Over 20.000 purifying plants, oil separators, septic tanks and rain water tanks are installed in more than 50 countries around the
world. ROTO is a pioneer in the field of waste water treatment production in Europe. The Company also received the ZRMK Building and Civil Engineering Institute’s award, which is selected by experts in civil engineering, additionally proving the products’ excellence.

Container size
Completed purifying plant can be delivered in containers. In 40 ft container we can fit a 50.000 L tank.

EU product
Purifying plants are manufactured and certificated in EU countries.

Plug & play
A ready to use product, easy and quick installation in few days. Suitable for remote installation without infrastructure.

Underground installation
All our waste water plants are designed for underground installation. In this way they do not use space above ground level.

8. Modular building
A possibility to add capacity and to move the plant to another location.

9. Tanks are made from polyethylene
Polyethylene can be 100 % recycled, has good mechanical resistance. Tanks are produced in one part and are 100% watertight.

10. Excellent service an d technical support
Quick supply, maintenance, start-up and servicing performed by expert staff. Servicing by the ROTO company comprises the checking of mechanical parts in a plant, general cleaning services and operating situation control, as well as the testing of all functions performed by individual plant parts. The user is instructed about maintenance and the correct use of treatment plant. We can also organise or supervise the installation of the plant.

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