Fast. Effective. Unique. All these are the most important qualities that characterize a 3D print of sand models and cores. 3D technology of the manufacturing process of foundry molds and cores, simplifies the creation of unique and low serial production.

3D printer technology was discovered and used first in the automotive industry as a top technology for the production of sand molds and cores for small batch products. Its discovery has significantly shorten the time of manufacture sand molds and cors and allow production of the most complex forms of prototypes.

In these times, when the time of delivery, price and fulfilling of customer requirements, extremely important is, is the use of 3D techmology for sand molds printing of great importance in a wide variety of technologies. Its advantages are fast and efficient production of sand molds and financial savings. Unlike other technologies, is with using of 3D prnters possible to manufacture geometrically complex shapes without limitation of negative angles. This technology is suited for manufacturing of prototyps, unique products, small batch production and aluminium casts.


–   fast and efficient production of sand molds,
–    only 5-7 working days from 3D CAD file till Finished model,
–    possibility of producing geometrically complex shapes,
–    there is no limit  with negative angles,
–    easier degassing of components,
–    low concentration of binder,
–    selection of different materials,
–    suitable for production of prototyps, unique products and for small batch production,
–    the possibility of a combination of 3D print mold with classic making sand molds.