From YOUR idea, sketch,

3D model, tool

to the final product!


Slika2Roto – professionals for innovative technical solutions made of plastic to suit your needs…

From your idea, with a sketch, the production of a 3D model, a prototype of the product (if needed) and tool manufacturing to a sample piece and then the serial production in just 6 weeks. Our advantage: the whole development process takes place in one site, the headquarters of our company.

Your CUSTOM moulding is Rotor’s key competence. Throughout the development process, we work closely together with our customers, giving them support with the design, technical solutions, and cost reduction, in this way we strive for our customers’ goal: to have a product that is useful, technically perfect and fairly priced.


From YOUR idea, sketch, 3D model, tool … to the final product!

Whole development process in 6 weeks!

ROTO’s advantage is certainly its own tool development and production. So all the flow of information, together with the necessary and significant data is exchanged only between our customer and our development.

Our staff, that is professionally qualified in technical areas, is always available to help you. If required, group meetings can be organised (it is possible to hold a videoconference), so that the desired goal is attained in the shortest time possible.

The scope of services of our development: Innovative product development, computer made prototype, Own laboratory for material analysis, 3D CAD, CAM construction, 3D product measurement, ultrasound wall thickness measurement, FEM analysis (deformation simulation and product tension understatic strain), Modelling (manufacture of product prototype),Preparation of technical documentation (a plan, a bill of materials, technological paper),Tool manufacturing, Sample manufacturing,Null series manufacturing, Fuel tank certification including fire safety testing Rotational moulding Rotomoulding is a manufacturing process for the production of thermoplastic mass products.

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Slika11We make the three tools that are suitable for rotomoulding: tinplate, cast aluminium and milled aluminium.

The tools are made of the highest quality materials, which guarantee a quality product for the requested surface. The product surface is determined in advance according to the customer requirements.

The tool surface treatment is carried out in our tool workshop. In our tool workshopwe constantly care for periodical maintenance and repairs of all tools, as well as any desired changes in the tools.


PROCESSRotomoulding is a manufacturing process for the production of thermoplastic mass products. The products that are manufactured with the rotomoulding system are (depending on the type of raw material) robust, flexible, all colours are possible (dryblend or compound), UV resistant and resistant to most chemicals.
According to the requests and specification of the product, different surface structures are possible, which are already determined during the development process, so appropriate tools are manufactured correspondingly.

It is possible to add your logo to a product: a special, very durable sticker (MOULD and GRAPHICS), which is stuck on the product surface, or a relief convex logo of your company.

At ROTO Company, besides rotomoulding, our principal manufacturing process, we also carry out the following manufacturing procedures: Thermoforming, Welding/ Manufacturing products of PE and PP boards, Filament winding, Blowing, Injection.

We use the following materials for various applications: Polyethylene (PE; HDPE, LLDPE, XPE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyamide (PA; PA6, PA12). All these materials are 100% recyclable (except for XPE).

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Every buyer wants a product that can be easily installed in his machine, without having to additionally install parts on his own (level gauges, connectors, heaters, reducing connectors, inserts, seals, brackets).

Our installation department specialises in this kind of work. After installing the built-in parts, we absolutely must carry out 100% quality control, which also includes pressure test of every volume product in a pool with water, where the product is inflated with air at 0.3 bar for 5 minutes.

Every product receives the following quality control: Eye inspection, control of the dimensions specified in the sketch, control of wall thickness of the product, interior and exterior cleanliness, functionality of the product. The described control procedure is recorded in the checklist that accompanies each product.

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